There is great strength to be found in silence.
That’s Right! I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change 
Many find it challenging to stop the mind and enter into stillness. In those moments of solitude, the ego seems to step up it’s game – churning out thought after thought, dwelling on past/present/future events, seeking to distract… This soliloquy keeps us from discovering the power of the Now.

“Sitting in meditation allows the body and mind to settle into stillness. In that stillness we become the openness that allows all of life in, including the parts we’ve never wanted to face. As much as we would like to have pleasing and special experiences, the path of meditation is about being ever awake – to whatever we feel, special or not. Meditation is not about achieving nice states of mind while sitting on a cushion. The essence of meditation is to simply be here, bringing full awareness to just this moment. When stillness yields to the incessant outpouring of our overactive brain – we come back again and again to what is, to awareness of the breath, the body, the environment.”
~ Ezra Bayda

Give yourself time to be. The pathway to love is lit from within and in order to access that guiding wisdom, stillness is required.

Today my intention is to create a life filled with fulfillment. All that I need is already here
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