The healing angels of our lives

When we are ready to heal a particular aspect of our lives, we send out an energetic vibration asking for assistance. A soul contract is completed on the higher levels of existence which draws in someone who will behave in a way that will trigger an old issue. As it rises to the surface, the ego begins its story, emotions flow, feelings get hurt and we become aware of the imbalance. This is the moment that the conscious soul seeker will turn inward, observe, heal and release using whatever tools they have discovered. Those who have yet to awaken to this concept will feel victimized, blame the other and likely create another layer of pain around the old belief.

These contracts are acts of love. Someone is willing to behave in a manner that will create an upset and risk losing your affection in order to help you heal a wound that you have carried, sometimes for lifetimes. This is why we say that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Every situation comes into your life for the sole purpose of healing. Patterns repeat until we recognize them and work to shift the original belief that created the conditions for the upset.

Those who challenge you the most on the physical level, love you the most on the spiritual level. As humans, it can be difficult to see beyond the role that someone is playing; however, the willingness to do so opens your perception and creates the space in which a transformation can occur. When we drop identification with victimhood, it helps us to look within for answers.

The good news is that you can measure the process as it is occurring by first recognizing when you are being triggered. Notice how quickly you come back into balance (over time, balance is recovered more quickly) and finally, you’ll consciously witness an interaction and remain neutral. That neutrality is an indicator that healing has occurred and you will no longer need to have that repeating pattern in your life.

Bless those who have been healing angels in your life. Without them, old wounds would remain buried in the subconscious, blindingly guiding your life while creating drama and emotional pain. And if you have ever acted as a healing angel for someone else, forgive yourself and realize that your soul was engaged in contract. We are here to assist one another on the journey.

Today my intention is to remember that everything works to our highest good – always.

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