The filters of perception

We process every experience and personal encounter through the filters of our perception. We project our fears and desires onto those around us and invariably encounter miscommunication, perceived betrayal and challenges that stem from that original limited view. “You’re not the same person I fell in love with!” … of course not. In fact, they never were.

This is why many people may encounter the same situation and have vastly different experiences. The point of view from the level of love is far removed from that of fear.

The higher your personal vibrational frequency, the greater your perception. When we honor another’s path we are trusting that, from the clear view of Enlightenment, the situation is perfect for their spiritual growth, the outcome will benefit all and there is a gift to be discovered.

Expanded perception also leads to difference choices and responses. The ego has far more control when our view is limited – in the dark, the most mundane things can become frightening. We stumble over obstacles and become disoriented. However, the light of consciousness shines through the darkness ever more clearly as we walk the Path of Transformation.

Many things can be used to raise your frequency such as energy work, prayer, meditation, yoga, spiritual study, eating in alignment with your body’s needs, crystals and paying attention to the type of energy you allow within your experience. Listen to the messages from your body. Feeling heavy or low is an indicator of low vibrational frequency, while lightness, joy and inner peace indicate greater awareness. When we are operating from the higher vibrations, we no longer choose to carry the weight of negativity, and in fact, it cannot reside there and often dissipates completely.

You can discover life’s wonder and mystery no matter where you are. Whatever you choose to do, do it consciously. Pay attention, listen and practice the art of acceptance. From there, anything is possible.

Today my intention is to be the presence of love.

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