Mastery and empowerment

Each of us stands in the power of our own hard-won truth. Mastery comes from the balancing and integration of inner knowledge gained from the lessons and challenges we’ve experienced and from leaving behind the limitation of old conditioning and judgment.

Compare your perception and responses to life now as compared to those you experienced six months, a year or five years ago. The progression is often so subtle that we don’t truly realize the impact of our journey… Too many people become frustration by the ego-generated idea that they haven’t yet reached enlightenment without realizing the cumulative effect of the journey of transformation.

Once you find empowerment in the idea of self-responsibility, you’ll become more determined to live in your integrity. Sometimes, this appears rebellious to others; however, you have earned the right to walk courageously in the world. You are already a masterpiece, there is no one or nothing that you need to become, you need only to get yourself out of the way and allow your brilliance to shine.

When there is no difference between your inner truth and how you present yourself to the world, you have stepped into the role of conscious creator. Offer others the gift of understanding and share the light of the Divine which flows through you into all that you do. Your light has the power to transform the darkness simply by the expression of your love and truth.

Today my intention is to utilize the skills and lessons of my life and express them thought my thoughts, words and actions.

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