The answers you seek are within you

Honor your own path as sacred.
That’s right! Every bridge I cross brings me to a higher level of fulfillment
Peace begins with me. When I first discovered my life’s passion as a spiritual teacher, I realized that upon emerging myself in higher consciousness, that it must consistently touch every aspect of my experience.

All transformation begins within. I began by healing my relationship to my self. Then I witnessed how my interpersonal relationships begin to change – with family, co-workers (and later clients), strangers and even with the planet itself.

Compassion and kindness began to be the starting points for every interaction and acceptance of all paths as sacred became easier… mostly because I was living the life that called to me without reservation.

No matter what you feel called to do, live it fully. When you are aligned with your true nature, it’s easier to experience a deepening connection with the Divine. Distractions become less intrusive and you will discover that love and guidance are all around you.

Today, my intention is to follow my inner star. I am a shining example of love, laughter and light.
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