Integrating the physical and the Divine

The paradox of the human experience: We are infinite spirits experiencing limitless aspects of the Divine through the perception of limitation.
That’s right! Every experience I have is perfect for my soul’s growth

When we learn to see beyond the limitations of the ego, we begin to remember who we are and from where we come. The spiritual seeker desires to bring consciousness to each and every situation. The key is to be present and focused in the physical reality while simultaneously being aware of others planes of consciousness.

Being awake means having a wider and deeper perception of your own actions and the actions of others. This allows you to be more tolerant and compassionate, seeing each persons lessons and goals as appropriate for their life’s journey.

The key is to integrate your true essence with the role that you play in this lifetime and purposely open to the light of the Divine as it shines through you. This will allow you to take full responsibility for your life while making decisions as a conscious creator.

Today, my intention is to remember that when I really love myself, everything in my life works.
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