The power that comes from facing your shadows

The mind makes things difficult, but the heart creates space for ease, grace, growth and transformation.
That’s right! When life presents difficulties, I can choose to crumble or expand

Bravery is the willingness to face your own shadows. The willingness to consciously open yourself to life’s difficulties does not depend upon you liking them; however, the knowledge that you seek to be free opens the door to freedom and healing.

Look at your life circumstances and ask yourself “What is happening for me right now?” and “What is my spiritual practice in this situation?” No matter what arises in your experience, know that it is offering you an opportunity to embrace new ways of being and cultivate your evolving tools of consciousness.

The world in which you live is one of your own creation. You project your thoughts and beliefs onto every situation and each person that you meet. Bring yourself fully present. This moment has something amazing to offer. Discover it, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Now.

Today, my intention is to live in the moment with complete acceptance, gratitude, joy and love.
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