Attention and Energy

The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.
~Louise Hay~
Whatever you place your attention on grows stronger in your experience. Keep this in mind when you speak and consciously choose to utilize your energy well. When you wish to create change, appreciate the perceived problem for igniting the spark of transformation and move consciously toward a solution. Once you’ve decided to take action, focus on the end result and let the universe handle the details.
The ego loves to sabotage the energetic flow by interjecting thoughts of “how?” or “when?” to distract you from empowered movement forward. Learn to trust the messages of the Universe. Seek a constant conversation with the Divine and experiment various ways to communicate. Some spiritual seekers enjoy utilizing numbers, others connect with the messages to be found through animals or trees, some play in the angelic realm or become more sensitive to energy and vibration. This is your journey and there are infinite ways to participate in your own growth.
Many walk through life without realizing their potential. Let your grace be so inspiring that it awakens grace in another.


“Stand up for who you are. Respect your Self and ignite the divine sparks in you. Access your powers. Choose your rights and work together with others to bring blessings into the lives.”
~Amit Ray~
There is nothing more beautiful than someone who shines from within…

Everyone who has manifested you into their life, has done so because of the unique light and energy that you possess. When you can be yourself, love yourself and occasionally laugh at yourself, you are providing them with the perfect experience.

It’s that lightness of non-expectation that is so appealing. When you first meet someone, the attraction begins because you are simply being you. When we load ourselves up with the weight of expectation, fear and desire, that beautiful, original and carefree spirit gets buried underneath layers of thought.

Love yourself. Reward yourself with thoughts of praise. Know that others respect you and appreciate all that you do. With our loving attitudes, we help to create a world where it is safe to love one another.

Happiness is a Choice

“Think thoughts that make you happy. Do things that make you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. Eat things that make your body feel good. Go at a pace that makes you feel good.”
~Louise Hay

Your thoughts dictate your life experience and the mind can be trained to recognize the positive in every situation. Seek the gift within the challenge. Know that your thoughts, words and actions are planting seeds that will grow into your future experiences. You can create happiness in your life situation. Begin now, from where you are with what you have.
As you change, the world around you is transformed. Small conscious actions create a momentum of powerful intent. Doing less, more gets accomplished. When you enjoy the journey, miracles seems to flow toward you. There are many ways to celebrate your existence – but all true happiness comes from within.
When happiness is based upon outside factors, you become enslaved by them. The job, lover, house, bank account and self-image become more important than your day-to-day joy and your precious energy is then wasted chasing that status quo. Once the spiritual seeker discovers inner happiness, nothing can take it away. As life ebbs and flows and people come and go, the joy remains and becomes the foundation of your journey.

The Life of Your Dreams

“I create my own experiences. As I love and approve of myself and others, my life gets better and better.”
~Louise Hay~
The way to create the life of your dreams is to live it now – from where you are, with what you have. Begin your day by focusing on what you wish to experience rather than what is missing. Let gratitude begin the momentum of transformation. Your thoughts have power and when you consciously and consistently choose what to send out into the world, you increase their impact.
Goals are measurable, concrete and tangible; whereas dreams are crafted from the level of spirit. Some wonderful examples of dreams that can enhance one’s life immediately, are:
I will continue to learn my entire life knowing everyone is my teacher.
I let go of dogmatic or limiting beliefs and free myself from the past.
I choose to parent my children consciously. They chose me for a reason…
I will live the life of a poet, seeing beauty all around me.
I will honor all life as sacred and see beyond appearances
There is nothing more important than how you live today. Bring the best version of you to this moment and  detach from specific outcomes. This is what is meant when it is said to focus on the journey rather than the destination.
If your life is filled with one wonderful day after another, if you’ve had a meaningful encounter with someone today, if you’ve shared kindness and had a positive impact on someone’s life, you are living the live you dreamed.