stillness speaks

Stillness speaks.

That’s Right! I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world

Great depths of peace and joy reside beneath the stories of the mind and the reactive control of emotions. In stillness we can hear the quiet magic of love. Its transformative power awakens your spirit to it’s fullest potential.

The essence of change is within you. As each layer of distraction is removed, you will discover truths that you already know. Throughout your day take time to bring stillness into your experience. Conscious breath, prayer, meditation and quietude bring you in touch with the truest part of yourself – the I Am that flows deeper that any role you play in this lifetime.

Be willing to step into the depths of your true nature. Periodically release all distraction and listen to what lies beneath. Rest your awareness upon a tree, a flower, a pet… allow them to teach you the joy of stillness. You will discover the Oneness which connects you to all that is. That is love.

Today my intention is to accept this moment as it is no matter what unfolds. I choose to bring stillness and peace to my life situation.

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