Resist nothing

Resist nothing.

That’s Right! I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place

Whatever appears in your life situation is exactly what is required for your soul’s growth. To surrender is to accept what is rather than fight against it. All struggle is a distraction. As long as we resist, blame or complain, we are too busy to take responsibility for our own state of consciousness.

Notice, observe and step into empowerment remembering that transformation always begins within. If circumstances are frustrating, change how you respond to them. Everything is affected by your energy and you always have much more power than you realize.

Welcome the challenges that arise as loving teachers. You may have an opportunity to apply new knowledge, strengthen underutilized aspects of your personality or pivot your life path into a new direction.

The miracle of acceptance is that it transmutes suffering into peace. It opens passageways to deeper understanding and allows you to explore the vast layers of wisdom that await discovery.

Today my intention is to remember that love rains down upon me from all dimensions. I experience the flow of my life with joy, ease and grace.

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