Soul-inspired love

Authentic soul-inspired love is supportive, accepting and empowering for everyone involved.

That’s right! With my loving attitude, I help to create a world where it is safe to love one another  

Ego-driven love, if it had a voice, would be a continuous whimper that says, “Don’t hurt me.” This fear permeates every interaction and desire. It attaches to outcomes. It measures one’s estimate of one’s self-worth by the actions and choices of another.

When we approach relationships with the desire to give love rather than needing it, we create a space where authentic communion can occur. Soul-inspired love has no opposite. It is the exploration of the eternal bond that we share with another and it provides the opportunity for each person to awaken to their highest potential.

Choose to see the best in everyone with whom you interact. Focus on providing supportive words while honoring their path as sacred. Of course, we all carry preferences into our interactions; however, it is only when they crystallize into demands that we set the stage for disappointment and suffering in our relationships.

As a conscious spiritual seeker, you have the ability to explore new realms of love and connection. Step into joy and share your light.

Today, my intention is to allow love to guide all my relationships – from the most casual to the most intimate.

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