Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choice.

That’s right! I learn from every experience 

Empowerment is honoring your ability to choose how you will experience the present moment. All that you need is already within you and it’s important to recognize that a shift in your perception can absolutely transform any situation.

Begin to utilize success patterns in your choices. Pay attention to your words and thoughts and place your focus on what you wish to create. Old, limited thinking must leave your consciousness if you wish to see positive results in your experience. Begin by feeling good about yourself. You have the freedom to do what you love and create the life of your dreams.

Step by step make room for the new to enter your life. Learn to live with an open heart and bless the flow of experience for all that it has to teach. There is an infinite amount of energy, love and support available for you – all you need to do is be willing to receive.

Today, my intention is to rejoice in the small, new beginnings for they reflect the changes in my consciousness.

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