Simplicity, patience, compassion

Treat yourself with compassion.

That’s Right! Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me

Seek inspiration through a consistent, conscious approach to your spiritual growth. Fill your life with things and people who spark awareness, joy, gratitude and passion. There is no need to search outside of yourself, periodically focus your attention within. Do you feel at ease and fulfilled in the present moment? The amount of peace you are experiencing is a barometer of your level of consciousness.

Don’t try to change, just bring awareness to the Now. Awareness begins the process of transformation. Often, the smallest things brings the greatest joy. Experiencing the quiet of the early morning, enjoying the a favorite scent, getting lost in a moving piece of music or snuggling with a beloved pet can all align you with the love of the Divine.

Keep your life simple. Be patient, honoring the processes of your own awakening and extend that patience to others as they move through the lessons of their lives. And most importantly, allow compassion to be the defining quality that you express throughout your experience.

Today my intention is to act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will.

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