Create a space in which a transformation can occur

My role is to create a space in which a transformation can occur

That’s Right! Each of us is a master in the process of awakening

When you love someone, the natural inclination is a desire to protect them from pain or heartbreak; however, it’s important to remember that whatever they have created is part of their awakening. If you “fix” a problem before the soul has learned the lesson it seeks, the situation will be recreated.

Honor each path as sacred by being a loving, supportive, compassionate person. Create a space that is safe and choose to be a consistent source of peace and acceptance while they go through their process.

Judgment blocks our ability to interact with an open heart. If the situation becomes too toxic or painful, remove yourself from it until you are balanced and objective. Every situation plays a role in the awakening of all involved; therefore it’s important to be conscious of our own triggers and motivations. You may not always witness the end result of your conscious actions, but never doubt the powerful and lasting impact of kindness.

Today my intention is to remember that we are all just walking one another home.

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