Self transformation

Choose to see beyond the mind’s interpretation of good and bad fortune.

“Your life itself is the perfect place to personalize your ability to live untroubled by good or bad fortune, for you have the opportunity at every stage to see wholeness.”
~Wayne Dyer

The ebb and flow of life moves us through various experiences that accelerate our spiritual growth. When things seem to go wrong, when changed is forced upon us, we explore places we would not choose to go on our own. These unexplored facets of personality require the light of consciousness to shine upon them. Bring everything out into view. When you have nothing to hide and nothing to fear, life becomes easy.

Learn to live in harmony with your true nature. Feel fulfilled by being a living example of joy and balance and grace. Give silently. Act without expectation. Be deeply rooted in the present moment. This peaceful presence allows us to be the change we wish to see in the world.
Today my intention is to send loving kindness to all – we are collectively engaged in a global awakening.


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