Be a clear space of loving presence that allows all things and people to be as they are.

That’s Right! I am willing to create a space in which a transformation can occur   
To create change within relationships, you must learn to express what you are feeling without blaming and learn to listen with an open heart. If there are accusations, defense or attack, the ego is in control; therefore, we must first address our own lessons in order to bring an authentic way of being to the present moment.

The more work you do on yourself, the less drama you create in your experience.  Then, even if you are witnessing someone else in the midst of dysfunction, you will not get drawn into that energy. Instead, you will bring the light of consciousness to the situation.

Giving space – both to yourself and to others – is the most important aspect of being a loving person. It allows ego to dissipate more quickly and builds connection rather than continued animosity or miscommunication.

When you honor the present moment as sacred, resistance  begins to dissolve and life flows with greater ease and grace. Your rising consciousness is a gift to the world.

Today my intention is to accept people around me just as they are. I choose to handle my experiences with wisdom, love and ease.

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