Choose to create an inner dialogue that is kind and supportive.

“I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Happiness comes from within. Ezra Bayda teaches how to use three questions to bring your attention to your inner state of consciousness.

They are:
1. Am I truly happy right now?
2. What blocks happiness?
3. Can I surrender to what is?

Unhappiness can take many forms from mild irritation or impatience to outright anger, stress and depression. Sometimes the act of self observation is enough to bring yourself present. If not, notice where you are stuck – thoughts, emotions or behaviors. This may take some practice. Observe what repeats in your experience, what triggers you about others and so forth.

Once you see yourself clearly, you can move on to question three. This is where you can stop the struggle and choose to become become fully present. Utilize conscious breath to enter the physical reality of the Now for a few moments. This allows you to get out of the mind, where all unhappiness begins.

Try this approach wherever you are. Every situation has something to teach. Awareness is the first step of change or transformation.

Today my intention is to live authentically.

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