Beyond limitation

Let your life be your message.

“I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.”
~ Louise Hay ~

Words create limitation. They are bound by past usage and definition, expectation, projection and experience. Have you ever had a life changing dream, read a book rich with layers and tone or been moved by an experience, only to find that when you attempt to share it with others, the words strip away all the passion and meaning? We humans try so hard to explain the infinite when we should be focused upon being present with it.

With ego-based drama, see beyond the story and interpretation. When you find yourself getting lost in the details, stop and be for a moment. What do you wish to convey? Let your life be your message. Allow the voice of the Divine to be experienced through your choices and the energy you share with the world.

Speak less. Experience more. Become like a wise sage, allowing others to create and interpret their own inexplicable moments. Smile with the knowledge that discovery awaits us all.

Today my intention is to live beyond limitation.

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