Accept then act

Life will present whatever situation or circumstance is most appropriate for your soul’s growth.

“I trust the processes of life.”
~ Louise Hay ~

All of life is participating in your awakening. Every nuance of the days events, each interaction, all that you witness… everything plays it’s unique role in the development of your soul. With this in mind, see the present moment as a friend rather than a means to an end.

It can be challenging to stay present in the midst of change and disruption. If something knocks you off balance, observe how long it takes for you to notice and correct your course. Chances are you see through the mechanisms of the ego much more quickly than you used to. Give yourself credit for how far you have come. Bless the challenges of your life because they have assisted in the cultivation of your wisdom and empowerment.

Life is your reflection. Notice what types of situations you draw into your experience – this will show you your beliefs. Notice the people that are attracted into your life – they will reflect both your positive traits and draw your attention to aspects you wish to address and heal.

You are right where you need to be. Whatever unfolds in your life is what you need at this moment to do your soul’s work. Trust, and take one more conscious step forward.

Today my intention is to honor my path as sacred.

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