Seeing potential instead of limitation

Choosing to see the potential in something (or someone) opens you to myriad experiences, changes in perception and the joyful movement of growth, for no matter what you believe, you will prove yourself correct. Our beliefs form the filter through which we view life. Seeing limitation ensures that you will give up, walk away or become frustrated.

Tapping into your creative potential provides the sweet and savory contrasts of experience. Creativity happens when the ego is absent. The movement of the Divine flows through you, compelling movement and new vision, allowing you to move in harmony with life itself. This is where the mystic and the artist combine in the role of conscious creator. Something new is waiting to be experienced.

When we attempt to control, we suppress potential.  In the midst of transformation, we express potential.

Today my intention is to expect the very best and accept it in whatever form it arrives.

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