Explore, inquire, trust

In this infinite Universe, there are always new ideas and experiences to explore. Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant or too “certain” during the pilgrimage. We are in the midst of a great mystery and the ideas and beliefs that we cling to the most are often the very ones that require our attention. Releasing judgment (which is simply attachment to ideas that have been created from our past experiences) allows us to fully immerse ourselves within the present moment and witness all that it has to offer.

Your life is a blend of all the roads you have walked so far… each step offering new perspective, insight and direction. Everything (and everyone!) plays a part in your spiritual growth and there is always a subtle process of cause and effect at work behind the scenes. Your path is profound and unique and love is the goal. Be courageous enough to open up and share your gifts along the way.

As you work to heal your own wounds, you’ll discover that there is nothing to fear and no need to hide. Anxiety and attachment will fall away and bliss will emerge on it’s own from the wellspring within you. This is the journey of your soul.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.

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