Seeing past the roles

All too often people get lost in judgment of one another and miss the opportunity to experience the moment with an open heart. Simply discovering the role someone is playing in this life leads to a set of assumptions and beliefs that alter how we interact with one another. We have a tendency to feel comfortable with those who have a similar outlook and forget that our differences are what teach us the most.

When you find yourself forming an opinion about someone based upon how they refer to themselves (political party, religion or lack thereof, career, etc), keep in mind that he or she is a human being like any other. All of us come from the same source of love and nothing shifts perception like new knowledge. When we interact without judgment or expectation, we emit a beautiful source of energy and vibration that creates a space in which transformation can occur. Ego needs another ego in order to create conflict. As spiritual seekers, we can consciously rise above the mechanisms of the mind which separate us and touch someone’s life in a loving and peaceful way.

All of us walk the journey of awakening, rising above our challenges, discovering our strengths and learning from experience… seek to know the Divine in one another with the knowledge that our diversity weaves a tapestry of exquisite design.

Today my intention is to honor each and every path as sacred.

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