For several mornings in a row now I’ve awakened at 3:33 – the joyful and liberating cosmic “Yes!” from the Universe. Messages come to us in all sorts of ways and part of the fun is learning to decipher them and see how they apply to our lives and experience. Since the number 3 represents flow and harmony, the trinity of energy (positive, negative, neutral), open communication, playfulness and so much more, it reminds me to open to life knowing that I am safe and guided each step of the way.

Part of the human experience is learning to working within the ebb and flow of energy. There are times when we feel vibrant, pulsating with ideas, enthusiasm, and passion and others where things slow (often preparing for that next surge) and even move into neutral for a much-needed time of rest. It’s important to understand that every aspect of this cycle is important and learn to flow with the energy instead of attempting to force life to flow with what the mind desires.

Seek to discover your own cycles of ebb and flow. Ride the waves of experience with joy and awareness and, when life presents a moment a peace, nurture yourself in preparation for the assistance that is most certainly coming your way. Today is a gift. You are a gift and together we can lift ourselves to new heights of insight, experience and awakening.

Today my intention is to celebrate life.

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