Some thoughts about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the gentle awareness and acceptance of the present moment. But more than simply being aware, mindfulness offers us the opportunity to discover oneness with the Divine through our interaction with the physical world. Seeing the beauty in everything takes conscious effort but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Each and every one of us has the ability to retrain the mind.

You can create the life of your dreams. It begins with the decision to stop seeing life as an obstacle to happiness. Mindfulness is doing one thing at a time, fully observant and immersed within the action (or non-action) of your choice. Find the wonder and delight that awaits you within the Now and see it as the vehicle through which you come to know the Divine.

Today my intention is to move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind where all things are possible.

(Thanks to Louise Hay for today’s intention!)

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