Seeing life as your reflection

You are a powerful creator.

That’s right! My world is a reflection of my thoughts, expectations and beliefs 

You have the ability to choose how to respond to the events of your life. As a conscious creator, it’s important to keep in mind that whatever you focus upon draws strength from you. Knowing this, we can cultivate the ability to seek the gifts within the challenge and look within for the lesson or message that awaits us.

Everything and everyone around you is participating in your awakening. Pay attention to what inspires you – it is a reflection of the potential you carry. Notice what triggers you – you will gain clarity about the healing that is now required in your experience.

Ultimately, it’s all love. At the level of soul, things often appear far different than they do on the level of form. Those who love you immensely on a soul level will often participate in challenging situations which allow you to discover your strength and purpose. These healing angels play the greatest role in your growth.

Today, my intention is to pay attention to the messages that are all around me.

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