Religion vs spirituality

Your journey is sacred, unique, limitless and filled with infinite possibility.

That’s right! No matter how far I have come, there are always new levels to explore 

Organized religions serve a valuable purpose in the human experience. There are five different soul ages – infant, baby, young, mature and old – and we experience different levels of spiritual maturity throughout our sojourn here.

Religion, with its rules, rituals and celebrations, is the playground of baby and young souls. During those lifetimes we cling to rules and logic, needing stability and definition.

In later lifetimes, the mature soul becomes more inclusive. She seeks community, social awareness, healing and functions very well in group settings of like-minded individuals.

Old souls have mastered structured belief and begin the search for a unique perspective and personalized connection to the Divine. The knowledge acquired through many lifetimes allows them to explore varied ideas and experiences without judgment, with the understanding that enlightenment is a powerful, personal journey.

Today, my intention is to honor all paths as sacred. Everything serves the awakening of consciousness.

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