See your life as sacred

Every moment of your life is an expression of grace.
That’s Right! I am responsible for all my experiences
All to often we get caught up in the drama and minutia of life. Consider the truth that you are a spiritual being, your life is sacred and you are an expression of the Divine. Some people might feel that this perception is a lot of pressure, but to me, it seems to simplify things…If I feel anger – is that an expression of the Divine, or my ego running amok? If I am frustrated or impatient, is that an expression of the Divine, or am I feeding my energy into things which do not serve my growth?

The place to begin is ruthless honesty with oneself. If you feel anger or frustration, feel it – immerse yourself within it in a conscious manner. Doing so will almost immediately diffuse the situation and you will see things more clearly.

Let compassion be your guide. This is your moment of transformation.

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