Face your shadows

See the challenges of your life as gifts.
That’s Right! All things work toward my highest good. I am led by love.
Our challenges provide the opportunity to explore new facets of our unique potential. In the midst of depression, anger, fear, doubt or anxiety we recognize old wounds or patterns that are ready to be cleared. We begin soul searching only to discover new teachers, ideas and tools to utilize in our quest for wholeness. Sometimes you may have to traverse the dark corners of your psyche – do not reject these shadows, for they too have something to teach, and you will emerge transformed by the light of consciousness.
Honor the processes of your growth. You have the love and support of countless beings who are here to assist you along the way… If you’re feeling trapped within the mind, go back to basics – physically cleanse your home, car and work spaces. Make daily gratitude walks a priority and state your intention clearly. Don’t forget to breathe and take time to be kind to yourself. Observe yourself without judgment.
The most important thing to remember is not to get lost within the drama. Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness and your joy. And that’s what these gifts of spirit have to offer: a new level of inspiration, passion and insight.
Today my intention is to be an authentic and consistent source of peace, compassion and kindness
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