Present moment consciousness

How are you choosing to experience your life Now?
That’s Right! The past is over and cannot be changed. This is the only moment I can experience
This moment is all that matters. Your state of consciousness sets the stage for every experience that comes your way. There are infinite ways to express yourself and the higher your vibration, the more aware you’ll be of the limitless choices which are available for you.
Purposely set your intention today and watch how life rises up to meet you. Before you walk into a meeting, set your intention. Before interacting with a loved one, set your intention. Remember that the words “I am” are the most powerful words we can use knowing that whatever comes next creates our reality.
Move beyond the limitations of old programming and align yourself with the Divine. There, in the presence of love, anything is possible.
Today my intention is to see the best in everyone and help them to recognize their true potential
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