Sacred space

Create a home that is a sacred space of peace, power, growth and transformation.

That’s Right! Nothing is more important than my state of consciousness

A day of gratitude, expansion, healing and growth begins the moment you awaken. If you haven’t properly tended to the energy in the household, layers of old intensities and emotional sludge begin to build up and it can be challenging to begin the day with a clear heart and mind.

Everything in the home space has a definitive impact upon you. Clutter, broken objects, unfinished projects and unpaid bills emit a vibration that keeps you off balance and feeling like you’ll never catch up.

Treat your home like the sacred space it is. Fill it with loving energy and create a place that nurtures your soul. You can set an intention that the entryway itself cleanses all though who walk through it, helping them to “Leave the drama at the door.”

You have more strength than you know. Your intention and conscious actions have positive impact on those around you.

Today my intention is to remember that the smallest things of life are transformed by my inner transformation.

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