Transforming fear patterns into power

Turn and face any darkness within you.

That’s Right! I see my patterns and make changes without embarrassment or guilt

The stories of the ego keep our fears alive; therefore, meditation and mindfulness are the best tools we have to transform these fear patterns into power. Your awareness is the first step of change.

Everything in the Universe has both a positive and negative pole:

  1. Arrogance becomes a healthy pride, self-esteem,  confidence and a feeling of worthiness
  2. Self-deprecation, at it’s highest level, transforms into humility and gentleness
  3. Greed shifts into a healthy appetite for life, ambition, appreciation for the physical joys of life
  4. Self-destruction becomes self-sacrifice, giving one’s life to rescue others
  5. Impatience, in it’s positive pole, becomes audacity and the willingness to take chances
  6. Martyrdom transforms into selflessness, the giving of one’s time and energy to others or to a cause
  7. Stubbornness can be shifted to a quiet determination, the ability to pass through obstacles and be consistent

First, recognize what pattern tends to control your life and remind yourself of the positive traits that await discovery. Observe how often the stories play in your mind. Quiet the mind through conscious breathing, silence, meditation or active listening.

Throughout the day, when the pattern seeks to assert itself, consciously do the opposite of what the ego desires. For instance, if it demands that you confront someone, choose loving silence instead. If it seeks to create depression by wallowing in sadness, purposely turn on some joyful music, dress beautifully and be with someone who lifts your spirits.

Your conscious choices can transform anything into beautiful aspects of your power.

Today my intention is to bless and release old patterns that no longer serve me.

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