Living without labels

Live without the need for labels and judgment.

That’s Right! I see the best in everyone and help them to express their best qualities

We can learn a great deal by listening to others without a running inner commentary. Only when we drop the mind-made labels of race, religion, politics or heritage, can we can explore life fully.

We can learn a lot from one another. Many people feel unheard, which is a side effect of judgment and its palpable energy. Each person’s story is unique and through them, we can discover new ways of viewing the world, cultivating greater compassion along the way.

By giving up our preconceived ideas about others, we open to the love that already connects us.

“When we first meet people, we inevitably see them through the filters of all our associations, expectations, and projections. Over time, as the filters diminish, we may feel betrayed or deceived: ‘You’re not the person you were when we first met!’ Of course they’re not – in fact, they never were.” ~ Ezra Bayda

Today my intention is to take time to listen.

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