Rising above

Awareness is the key to transformation

“If you are gently persistent and are willing to give yourself a few moments each day to reflect on your process of change, you will get the answers. The intelligence within you is the same intelligence that created this entire planet. Trust your inner guidance to reveal to you whatever it is you need to know.”
~Louise Hay~

Transformation happens in the Now. This moment is all that matters. Face it with positive intention and allow the energy to unfold as it will. As you become more aware, you’ll recognize your unconsciousness more quickly and cultivate the ability to rise above the mechanisms of the mind.
When working through loss, anger, fear or resentment… notice, notice, notice. See what arises for you. What patterns repeat? What is your inner dialogue? How do you feel? Once you have drawn your awareness to the source of your discomfort, make a conscious choice to take responsibility for it. Choosing pain is an aspect of the human condition; however, so is choosing to heal.
You do not need to know all the answers before you move forward. Just take one conscious step at a time. Begin with gratitude. The willingness to express gratitude pulls your energy higher and opens your ability to see more clearly. From there, simply express the best version of yourself, and take one more step.
Today my intention is to walk the path of transformation with an open heart.
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