Living beyond limitation

The soul seeks to expand, awaken and overcome adversity.

“We are here not only to experience limitation, but also to grow in consciousness by going beyond limitation.”
~Eckhart Tolle~

When you embrace the present moment and bring your full attention to whatever you are doing, your actions will be filled with deeper intention and empowerment. No matter what you are prompted to do, find a way to bring the light of consciousness to the forefront of your experience.
Perceived limitations can be overcome physically (such as releasing poverty consciousness and becoming more receptive to abundance or overcoming an illness), mentally (learning to accept limitations thus transforming them into strength), or spiritually (bringing love to a situation filled with hate).
Learn how to see perfection in the imperfection and recognize that you are right where you need to be. Whatever has arrived in your experience has a specific purpose in your soul’s growth. When you change how you think about a situation, the situation is transformed.
Today my intention is to be a source of kindness and joy.
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