Releasing attachment

Discover the freedom of non-attachment.
That’s Right! I release the need to blame anyone. I accept the people around me just as they are.      
“Spiritual practice includes learning how to open-heartedly receive the shocks of life – the things you don’t like, the people who criticize you, the job that goes wrong, the partner that leaves, the health that fails you – whatever shakes you up.” ~ Ezra Bayda

The awakened spiritual seeker understands the empowerment that comes from transforming challenges into opportunities to awaken. Clinging – whether to an idea, person, pattern or possession – guarantees that eventually you will see yourself as a victim. Everything is impermanent… except for the inner stillness of Presence which resides at the core of your Being.

No matter where you are on the journey of awakening, you can discover life’s magic and wonder. It is everywhere and simply waits in the space of pure potential. You can enter this space through the gentle process of allowing life to be as it is. Resist nothing. Acceptance will create a flow of grace and ease throughout your life.

Today my intention is to choose to recognize the magnificence of my being.

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