Masters in the process of awakening

You are a master in the process of awakening.
That’s Right! I rise above all limitations. I am Divinely guided and inspired     
Life responds to you. The energy you emit determines what is drawn into your experience and life events are interpreted through the filter created by your level of consciousness. As you begin to understand your true potential, you’ll discover that infinite possibilities await.

Be conscious of the thoughts and words that repeat in your mind. They can provide insight into core beliefs you carry. When you pay attention, you’ll begin to recognize the truth: You have more power than you realize.

Be fearless. See your voyage through life as an adventure into unlimitedness. It’s amazing how often we choose repetitive behaviors and beliefs when there are so many levels to explore. Find, within yourself, the willingness to expand. Create change by making changes within, and observe the ripples of transformation that begin to move through your life.

Today my intention is to remember that I am responsible for my own joy. My choices have power.

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