Put down your burdens

Every disagreement, every challenge that we encounter is an opportunity for spiritual enlightenment for all of those involved. All that is required is that one person be open to a new paradigm. The resulting shift in energy creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

Think of how important that makes your personal path of awakening. Your choices and actions set something powerful in motion – choose well.

It’s time to put down the burdens that you have carried. The load of “should and shouldn’ts” creates stress and struggle within one’s existence where none is required. Each of us has our own lessons, karmas and purpose, and in order to accomplish our dreams we must utilize our energy consciously.

Many times these burdens exist only within the mind… but that doesn’t mean they don’t slow us down or distract us. Today is the day to love yourself enough to set yourself free. Let your choices be led by joy (never by fear) and choose to play and enjoy your journey toward healing, empowerment and radiance.

Beauty can be found in the simple ordinary things of life. Gratitude opens your energy to receive. We can seek wholeness within the natural movement of this wonderful day. There it waits, waiting to bless you with peace.

Today my intention is to take things easily and simply, one step at a time.

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