All life celebrates your awakening

The wellspring of energy from which we drink is infinite and we are consistently supported in love. The Universe never desires to punish or trick you – that type of thought is merely a mechanism of the ego used to distract you from the knowledge of what you can create.

Our ability to understand the nuances of spiritual awareness has evolved right along with us throughout the ages. Now we know that we can create while in lesson, we can have knowledge of the Divine while in lesson and are learning to trust the process of our awakening no matter where we are in that process.

Once you begin to step away from life’s drama, clarity comes more easily. As the observer, you will cultivate the ability to understand the patterns that repeat and with that understanding comes the freedom to choose differently.

However, remember that those who have yet to awaken to their divinity will not be able to see truth in the same way that you do – be understanding of their limitation. Much like the way our scientists and thinkers who had no way to measure energetic waves in the 1700’s simply could not imagine the possibilities that we currently take for granted still had the same truths swirling around them that we do, know that all will awaken in the perfect way at the perfect time.

The entire Universe honors and celebrates the work we are doing here. In spite of the limited perceptions inherent on the earth plane, many are beginning to rise above, and with the help of their angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers, are creating a new paradigm. You are instrumental in raising the consciousness of the planet and have chosen to be here now for a specific purpose. Allow love to lead you.

Today my intention is to honor the truth of my process and receive all the sparkles of joy, peace, healing and hope the Universe has to offer.

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