Pure actions

What would life be life if you were never disappointed again?

“Stop playing it safe by trying to avoid adversity. Act from the heart and let circumstances unfold as they will.”
~Ezra Bayda~
When conscious mindset transforms into conscious motivation and action, we bring light to the world. Sometimes it can be challenging to know what “right action” is; therefore, choose to act with integrity, do your best,  and accept what is.

Our human perception is very limited. There can often be threads of unseen energies that expand outward changing lives, paving the way for new experience or accelerating spiritual awakening. As we become more clear, it’s amazing to watch the miracles of life unfold.

If you notice anxiety arising when choosing to take action, see it as an indicator that you are attached to an outcome. Likewise, disappointment is another indicator (after the fact) that attachment has occurred. Utilize both as opportunities to adjust expectations and practice acceptance.

Love lies at the core of all that we experience.
Today my intention is to live this moment as clear and peaceful as possible.

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