All is perfect, whole and complete


The higher your level of consciousness, the more you can see.

“When life presents difficulties we can crumble or we can learn. Aspiring to be free tips the scale toward learning.”
~Ezra Bayda~
Imagine if you could view the world in such a way that all you see is the expression of the sacred in everyone and everything. It’s important to learn to recognize the truths that lie hidden within the obvious. Contrasts allow us to explore the various nuances of experience until we cultivate compassion.

Experiencing hatred teaches us the value of love. Grief opens our heart to the many joys of life. Your enemies teach the importance of friendship. Everything works toward the highest good of all involved.

Once we are on the other side of drama, we can often recognize the gifts we have received from facing our challenges. The awakened spirit is able to seek and recognize gifts while in the midst of conflict and thus, is able to navigate it with greater clarity.

Love yourself enough to periodically take a step back and view your life objectively. Remind yourself that all is well, that you are protected and see the perfection of the present moment.
Today my intention is to remember that we are all just walking one another home.
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