Possibility, probability and choice

The world of form, and our understanding of it, is constantly changing and evolving. Everything vibrates at its own rate and frequency and therefore contains a particular set of possibilities that we work within to experience what we desire for our soul’s growth. Our expectations and beliefs trigger a set of probabilities within the framework of our previous experience. This is why several people can participate in the same physical experience yet have a different perception of what occurred.

Life itself is a never-ending dance of possibility, probability and choice. When we notice a particular pattern emerge, we now understand that it is a reflection of a deeply held belief or wound from the past which continues to manifest in various ways within our experience. Therefore, you can consciously transform your physical world experiences by learning to change your thoughts. Notice any limitation that you work within and shift from “I can’t” or “everyone always” to “wouldn’t it be nice if…” or something similar which opens the realm of possibility.

In order to create, we must state our intention, be willing to receive and step into the grace of the Divine. Life responds to our thoughts and beliefs and it is time to open to a greater understanding of how this amazing playground of experience works.

Today my intention is to trust the process of my awakening. All things work toward my highest good.

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