Creating change

Something new is ready to emerge… all it takes is the willingness to expand beyond your comfort zone. Allow joy and enthusiasm to guide your decisions and you will certainly draw in the people, circumstances and opportunities that support this exciting new phase of growth. Our infinite Universe provides limitless opportunities to play and explore, and no matter how much we learn, we are always just getting started and something amazing waits to be discovered.

Seek joy. Since we have limitless possibilities available, why would you choose something boring, safe or repetitive? Sometimes I imagine us as beautiful, childlike souls struggling to make a choice in a candy store… glancing at all the options, remembering the first time we tried a particular treat – wanting that feeling again but also drawn to colorful new ideas, tastes and flavors. As a child, I would blend the two – with my limited resources I would get something that was known and also try something new. It seemed important to set myself up to be happy and take a chance at the same time. Perhaps that is also how we arrange our lives and lessons.

Take some time to celebrate your journey today. Dance as you cleanse your home. Play some music that uplifts your soul. Cook a meal with loving intention… You are alive, an exquisite spark of infinity looking to create a new experience… and no one does it quite like you.

Today my intention is to remember that the Universe totally supports my every thought, belief and desire.


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