Playing your way to empowerment

People often create fortresses around themselves as bulwarks against morality. Because they are unaware of their own divinity, they seek solace in fleeting egoic desires such as awards or titles, numbers in a bank account, fame, possessions or accomplishments. Empowerment comes from the willingness to share whatever it is that you are afraid of losing. All treasures become tarnished without use and when you loosen your grip, you’ll discover the freedom that expansiveness can bring.

Our purpose here is not about things, but the consciousness we discover as a result of how we choose to play with the things of this world. It’s wonderful to enjoy all the physical aspects of being human, but always empowering to remember the richness of your true infinite nature. There is plenty of time and limitless possibilities to explore.

Home is not a physical place but the inner serenity and acceptance that we carry with us. All the inhabitants of the earth – the rocks and plant life, the wind and clouds, birds and flowers and animals – all are our brothers and sisters in the exquisite tapestry of life. Human beings can often forget this in their personal fight to get what they need and create a sense of security… all the while cultivating feelings of desperation and fear.

Release your attachments and become one with the peace of the present moment. From this state of grace and balance, you’ll become more aware than ever before of the fear that most people carry. You have a purpose of this planet. You play an integral part in the evolving consciousness of existence and in that knowledge of a deeper and more meaningful connection, the fear disappears. There is love all around you.

Today my intention is to experience love wherever I go.

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