Magical Monday

It’s Magical Monday!

Today is filled with limitless possibility… what would you like to create in your world? See how many sparks of passion you can flow into each moment. Whether your ideas are grand or small, the action is the same: set an intention, break out of a rut, try something new, be willing to receive and remember, whatever you send out into the Universe will return to you ten-fold… and you may be surprised at what miracles you set in motion.

It might be fun to light a candle which aligns your energy and intention, rearrange a room, make a new friend or try something you’ve never tried. Treat yourself with kindness, eat well, read something inspirational, play some music or create a vision board – simply focus on the end result of happiness and release any attachment to how it manifests in your experience.

Never underestimate the beauty of your own magnificence. Passion and smiles are infectious. Kind words and actions send ripples of love outward and no matter what you choose to do, you can achieve it.

Today my intention is to nurture myself – mind, body and soul.

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