Perfection in the imperfection

You are a work in progress, an exquisite tapestry whose intricate design reflects your unique path of transformation.

That’s Right! I now choose to recognize the magnificence of my being

You are an infinite spirit having a temporary human experience. There will always be moments of perfection and others when you miss the mark. The important thing to remember is that you are perfect, even in the midst of your perceived imperfection.

You have always done the best you can. As you learned, your perceptions changed and you found yourself handling things in different, and often better, ways. Experience is an amazing teacher. The soul will explore various nuances of a situation by drawing it in repeatedly until it is no longer needed. Be kind to yourself as you grow and change.

Each and every person is taking part in this process of personal and spiritual evolution. When faced with someone who is challenging or toxic, remind yourself that they, too, are a work in progress and are doing the best they can based upon their level of consciousness, soul age, childhood imprinting and path of destiny.

Unconditional love comes from accepting people as they are without judgment. This is sometimes a difficult lesson for old souls who view life in a far different manner than most people. Keeping this in mind in your interactions will allow you to be at peace in the midst of transformation.
Today my intention is to seek the beauty within all the situations and people in my life.

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