Transforming fear patterns into power

Empowerment is achieved when we are able to transform patterns of limitation into aspects of inner strength and grace.

That’s Right! I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need

Each challenge we face provides an opportunity to explore uncharted facets of ourselves. This process of awakening and discovery liberates the gifts of inner wisdom and knowledge. You can measure your soul’s growth by observing how much peace you experience throughout your daily journey.

The awakened spirit:
~ is fully present
~ continually seeks inner growth
~ carries an aura of joy with them in all situations
~ draws others to them
~ lives without drama
~ has compassion for others
~ can see through the mechanisms of the ego
~ seeks inner mastery rather than mastery over others

All suffering is forged by the illusions of irrational fear. Fear separates. It is created by the stories of the mind and limits our experience. Fear blocks our ability to love. If you feel yourself shutting down in a particular situation, observe what script your mind is playing. Therein lies information regarding the healing you are ready to explore. Every path is different. Begin by seeing yourself clearly through the eyes of love and take one conscious step forward from there.
Today my intention is to move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the Infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible.

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