Peace, Happiness and Love

All that you seek is within you.

“The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own Being, and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone could make.”
~Rupert Spira~

Be gentle with yourself and with those who grace your life. No matter what unfolds, choose to experience it as if you had specifically written it into the script of your experience. Empowerment comes through taking ownership for all that we encounter with the knowledge that every circumstance has something to teach. Ultimately we can discover how to engage life’s magic and weave it throughout our interactions with one another.

Peace, happiness and love are within you. Let yourself be inspired. Each time you respond to beauty, remind yourself that is it a reflection of your inner state of consciousness. When fully present and open, life takes on a multi-dimensional quality. We live in a paradox of simultaneous realities and perceptions. You may choose to interpret the world around you in any way that you wish. One suggestion is to do so in a way that is enriching and fulfilling and brings out the best in you.

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