One change

Today’s choices create tomorrows experience.

“I choose to feel good about myself each day. Every morning I remind myself that I can make the choice to feel good. This is a new habit for me to cultivate.”
~ Louise Hay ~
It is said that baby steps spark miracles. Whether physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, any conscious change creates a movement of energy that will take you somewhere new. Begin today. Organize a closet, choose kindness over anger, meditate, take a walk, dream more, listen more, rearrange a room or give extra hugs to those you love… and see what unfolds. You may be pleasantly surprised.

“There is great value in doing new things, not just for diversion or escape, but in order to help us awaken. When we put ourselves in a new or foreign situation, that very act awakens our senses, our awareness, our presence. Sometimes we have to take a leap in order to experience and heal the fear that holds us ever at the edge of familiar safety. Our task in awakening is to go against the grain of our mechanical tendencies.”
~ Ezra Bayda ~

Today my intention is to see any changes I create as stepping-stones to new experience.
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