Allow and be free

Attachment and desire create dissatisfaction and pain.

“I inhale the precious breath of life; and I allow my body, mind and emotions to relax.”
~ Louise Hay ~
There is nothing wrong with having preferences; however, when those preferences become requirements, we experience frustration and pain in our experience. The degree of emotional distress you feel in a given situation is directly tied to how attached you were to a particular outcome; therefore, it’s important to practice detachment. Begin with the little things – a text, business meeting outcome, the amount of traffic or road closures you encounter on your journey or changing plans – and observe the emotional level of your response to life’s frustrations.

Awareness sparks transformation. The moment you notice you are behaving in an unconscious manner, consciousness is actually arising within you. The ability to recognize it in the present moment means that you are becoming more aware and  creates the opportunity to shift your thoughts and actions more quickly.

Live in alignment with the present moment. Non-resistance allows the Divine to inspire your actions. When we get out of our own way, amazing things happen.

Today my intention is to easily adapt to the ebb and flow of my life.
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