Suffering is the result of insisting that life be other than what it is.
“Everything unfolds in the perfect way at the perfect time.” 
~Louise Hay~
Mindfulness is the substance of Zen. Consciously observing and experiencing the ebb and flow of breath is the easiest way to bring oneself present. When you practice in this way, your mind and body come into alignment, your mind quiets and you are at your best.
Deep within the Now, peace awaits. Here are a few simple Buddhist practices from Living Buddha, Living Christ. Silently speak these sentences with each mindful breath:
Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment,
I know this is a wonderful moment.
Breathing, smiling, present moment, wonderful moment…
Breathing in, I am aware of my heart.
Breathing out, I smile to my heart.
I vow to eat, drink, and work in ways
that preserve my health and well-being.
Engage in these mindfulness exercises throughout your journey today. The most beautiful gift that we can offer to others is the art of mindful interaction in the present moment. This energy inspires, awakens, opens and allows the love of the Universe to flow through you into all you say and do.
Today my intent is to embrace each moment with mindfulness, awareness, ease and grace.


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